Auditing and Accounting

  • Auditing (Statutory)

Our offerings include a full range of Auditing services.  An Audit adds credibility as the process is an independent option given by a trained professional, who is governed by a strict ethical code.  Audited financial statements play a key role in raising finance and capital as it is often not possible to borrow funds without Audited Financial Statements.  Without the reassurance of an Auditor’s report, investors would be nervous of risking their capital.  An audit adds value by giving more accurate information which leads to better business decision making by managers, better investment decisions by stakeholders and better policy decisions by government.

  • Auditors are professionals in accessing risk and evaluating control systems and procedures, they advise management on how to design and improve its systems, procedures and internal controls.  Improved controls lead to increased business efficiency.  Auditors gain a unique and very broad insight into best practices and benchmarks in their clients’ industries.  This experience and understanding, combined with objectivity, provide the auditors with an excellent basis for adding value by helping our clients build stronger businesses.








We offer a variety of accounting services, including compiling Annual Financial Statements and Management Financial Statements, monthly processing of accounting transactions, payroll and completion of Statutory returns.  Our offering is tailored to the needs of the client and can be annual, monthly or a combination thereof.  We combine the accounting process with an interactive relationship with the client and the result is a process that includes and empowers the client in their business.


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