Our Services Includes …

  • Normal Tax
  • This type of Income Tax can be divided into:

    Individual Income Tax and

    Company Income Tax

  • Donations Tax / Estate Duty
  • Tax on donations is linked to Estate Duty
  • Secondary Tax on Companies
  • Withholding Tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)


Our Income Tax Dept:

Tax Compliance

Our Income Tax Department Services include all aspects of documentation completion and liaison with the South African Revenue Services (SARS).  Income Tax returns are completed and supervised by qualified personnel and the administration process monitored by our in-house Database Management Systems.

In the environment of ever-changing taxation law, we are constantly upgrading our knowledge and reinforcing our contact with income tax authorities by representation on relevant SARS committees.

SARS Facilitation and Negotiation5579445-two-businessmen-in-focus-in-the-background-

As the tax administration system becomes more involved and onerous, it becomes efficient to use a specialist that understands the official and unofficial procedures of SARS to perform certain interactions with SARS and negotiate on behalf of our clients.

We are well positioned to service you on this level based on the following:

  • Our in depth understanding of the procedures and requirements of SARS
  • Our good reputation with SARS in terms of integrity and honesty
  • Our understanding of the hierarchy of SARS and authority levels
  • Our established relationships with existing SARS officials
  • Our clear understanding of the taxpayer’s rights
  • Our in depth knowledge of the Income Tax Act

As a result we offer a service to facilitate routine and non-routine communication with SARS.  This would typically include:

  • Attending to demand from SARS
  • Assistance with tax auditors (VAT, PAYE and INCOME TAX)
  • Negotiations regarding reducing penalties and interest
  • Raising objections and related appeals
  • Obtaining SARS rulings on specific issues
  • Registration for various taxes (VAT, PAYE)
  • Obtaining tax directives
  • Obtaining tax clearance certificates


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