Company Secretarial Services

There is an increasing need for South African companies to improve their corporate governance practices.  High quality company secretarial practices and records are fundamental to this process.

Outsourcing the onerous administrative and Para-legal responsibilities of a company secretary is often more time and cost effective for the entity than appointing an in-house secretary.

As registered agents with CIPC, we are able to affect fast and efficient company registrations and statutory amendments.  Our office liaises directly with the CIPC office on a daily basis.  All documentation is hand delivered and collected every second working day.

Our company secretarial staff has the expertise and experience to manage the administrative process as well as advice on corporate governance procedures.

We perform the full company secretarial function and our services include:

  • Company and Close Corporate Registrations
  • Appointment of Directors and Company Officers
  • Change of Registered Names
  • Share Transactions
  • Changes to Company Statutory Documentation
  • All Other Company Statutory Amendments
  • Preparation of Documentation for Shareholder Meetings
  • Attendance and Minute Taking at Shareholder Meetings
  • Audit Review of Company Secretarial Records
  • Consulting on Required Procedures for Various Company Secretarial Transactions
  • External Confirmations of Shareholding and Other Secretarial Records
  • Lodgement of Annual CIPRO Returns


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