Trust and Estate Planning

A Trust can be a very effective tool in ensuring your assets are protected against future attack from creditors as well as a tool to minimise Estate Duty.  It is essential however that the trust deed is properly formulated and takes into account all current tax legislation.  This will ensure that all the potential benefits of a trust are exploited.

When considering the appropriateness of a trust, a review of the individuals’ unique position and assets concern is essential.

We make us of highly qualified specialists to advise clients on the most appropriate methods and vehicles to achieve efficient estate planning.

This would include:

  • Registration of Local and Offshore Trusts
  • Administration of Deceased Estates
  • Portfolio Analysis and Investment Risk Assessment (Outsourced)
  • Portfolio Restructuring (Outsourced)

The most important characteristic of a trust is the protection of its assets from creditors of the Trustees.  This means that in a court of law creditors or the state as part of a deceased estate cannot penetrate the Trust.

As trustees it is imperative that you do your utmost to protect this status by maintaining the required records to establish the trust as a separate legal entity.  This does not only mean adequate accounting records, Annual Financial Statement and Tax returns, but also a register of minutes and resolutions.


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